Day 1 – meeting new faces and cleaning up old places

27 Aug

Day one started early on an August Sunday morning meeting the current garden coordinator (a wonderful lady who will remain anonymous on this blog for the time being). This particular Sunday morning she was busy meeting new gardeners, showing them their assigned plots, going over expectations and limitations, accepting dues as well as managing to take care of her own plot. During our meeting she mentioned to the two of us (I and another new community member) that due to the unusually wet and mild summer there was an onslaught of weeds that overcame many of the community’s members forcing some fifteen or so to abandon their plot. Fifteen, she assured me, was an unusually large number of plots to turn over at any one time such is why I made it up sixteen spots on the waiting list in such short order. She then went on to show us the community shed and its contents (which includes a tiller I hope to not use) and introduce us to the weekly brunch bunch. It seems that there is a somewhat routine Sunday morning brunch bunch who share a bit of fellowship over some coffee and munchies! Sounds Yummy, but sadly I was not able to stay since I had to get back home and get the family to church.

Later, after church and lunch, I brought Tamara (my darling wife) and Jeremie (our oldest son) up to visit the plot; to show it off like a boy shines to a new found coin. While we were there, the garden was still abuzz with the activity of many of the community members taking advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and relatively low humidity. Two such members were busy raking and preparing their new plot for planting collards while yet others were busy tending, cleaning, and talking; such are the habits of a gardener, and not always in that order with the latter sure to always take most of the time. After showing my family the weed covered spot, we somehow began to pick up and clean up the mess till my wife signed to me the fact that she is still in her Sunday dress.

So, after a little ice cream and a trip home, my son and I (notice the missing member) returned to the plot to finish the chore of cleaning up the weeds and debris from around the plot. What a wonderful helper he was. Thanks, son!

We have already met so many of our growing neighbors and are looking forward to meeting more and getting to know them better as things grow and flourish in the sun and soil of this wonderful garden site.

The Daily ledger

  • Expenses – $10 (garden dues)      [$10.00 running total]
  • Labor – 2 hours x 2 persons          [4 hours running total]
  • Yields – 0 lbs                                        [0 pounds, 0 ounces]

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