Cover Crops Basics – What Are They – And How And Why To Use Them For A Great Garden!

3 Sep

Old World Garden Farms

Anyone who follows our blog regularly knows the importance we place on using cover crops in our garden. Quite simply – they are the best way to easily and inexpensively build your garden soil into super soil.  Cover crops are simple to plant, easy to maintain, and easy to incorporate into the soil in the spring.  We get so many questions to the blog on cover crops – so for today’s gardening post – we thought we would write a basic course on cover crops.


A cover crop is a specific planting of a crop like annual rye, clover, buckwheat or others that is designed to give its entire resources back to the soil. Instead of harvesting the crop – it is incorporated back into the soil to add vitality, nutrients and organic matter.


The list of benefits for cover cropping goes on and…

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