We’re growing dirt.

9 Sep

When a fellow community gardener asked me the question, “What are you growing?” I promptly and humorously answered, “Dirt. We’re growing dirt.”

That is in fact the current vector in this first season for RCCG plot #32; dirt. Dirt is where it all starts. So we are taking the time to treat it well and in return it will treat the plants we impose upon it well. Lord willing.

First, we measure and layout the beds and walk paths between the beds. In this case the plan is simple; three 5′ x 20′ long beds with narrow 18″-24″ walk paths between them.

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Then we spade, fork , and dig up the beds piling them high and mixing in some Used Coffee Grounds (UCG) to add organic matter into the soil, attract worms, and build up volume. We also scrape all the top-soil out of the path between the beds, piling it on the growing beds, and refilling the paths with mulch.

Then we cover the mounded beds with cardboard to shield it from the baking sunlight and allowing the worms to work thru more soils beneath the protective shade while also choking out and preventing weed germination.

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Then we water the cardboard in place. Afterall that is what you do when you are growing something, you give it water. And little helpers just love to water the garden.

Remember to Grow some Forward.


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