RCCG#32 Update: Mid October 2013, New beds

14 Oct

This is an update long overdue. Over the weekend I was given an opportunity to spend my afternoon in the gardens. Thank you! But my story telling gene is not working this morning so this post will be less than flattering.

On my way to the community garden spot I stopped by the Home Depot and found enough lumber on the culled rack to install a smaller 4′ x 6′ end bed. These smaller end beds will be ideal for longer term crops, perennial flowers, and composting. Since they are smaller it will also be more convenient to protect them with better hoops or to continue raising them as a low-rise tower for growing tubers (potatoes, sweet potatoes) and drilling roots like carrots and parsnips. Lastly, the smaller size of these beds will also allow me to more easily control the soil type if I want to grow anything requiring different or atypical soil conditions to the majority of the more native crops I hope to grow in the rest of the beds.

Plus the 70% discount on the culled lumber was a good incentive to do something now rather than later.



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    […] So a couple of weeks ago I gave in to my impatience and haste as a gardener and planted a very many alliums in two new raised beds just finished at plot #32. OK, truthfully, I planted them the very same day I built the two beds but I digress, you can read more about that account here. […]

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