Dear readers, gardeners, growers, casual passers by, and anyone else who by some chance of fate or predetermined will is reading here,

Welcome to Growing It Forward!

Growing It Forward is the realization of a vision to help feed local and area charitable food assistance ministries with seasonal fresh, free, & local fruits and vegetables. We are long time backyard gardeners with a passion to grow more, share more, and feed more. Started in late summer 2013, in a single East Charlotte community garden allotment, GIF is still in infancy but firmly believes that one man and his plot does make a difference.

This blog is dedicated to chronicling the experiences, successes, failures, thoughts, and impressions from this adventure. From the people we meet to the size of the beets and everything in between it will be shared here. Many posts will chronicle the mundane, some will ponder the larger issues of food justice in the Queen City, while yet others will record the bewilderment of a father observing his son experience joy, awe, and wonder while digging a hole merely to see what’s in it.

Feel free to wander through, lighten your smile, and take in the flora till your heart’s content, or your clock’s limit. Whatever the reason you find yourself here, we hope your visit is enjoyable, enlightening, or at least entertaining. At any rate, we’d love to see you come again, or even subscribe to our feed and follow along at your own pace.

Till then,

Lord willing and the creek don’t rise,